Two of the most critical pieces of the Honors College experience in the Upper School occur during the junior and senior years and are open to any student who is willing to stretch themselves, engage in high-level critical thinking and give back to the community in meaningful ways. The final presentation of these two projects is STRETCH.

Junior Honors Thesis

The Junior Honors Thesis students have been engaged in a year-long study on a self-selected topic. Each student completed a literature review, conducted their own original study using qualitative and/or quantitative methods, analyzed the data, and defended their study to a panel. Below, please click the link to view their defense videos and join us in celebrating their efforts as researchers this year.

View the Class of 2021 Junior Honors Thesis Presentations!

  • Kennedy Allen, The importance of learning disabled inclusivity in the classroom and how it affects all students

  • Audrey Baker, The Future of Social Media Marketing: Micro-influencers

  • Claire Bothwell, Effectiveness of therapy dog programs in universities for students dealing with stress and anxiety

  • Ella Coleman, Connections Between Alcohol and Sexual Assault

  • Sara Dial, Psychological effects of arguing a criminal case

  • Sophia Iacobucci, The Importance of Sexual Assault Education and Prevention Courses in High Schools

  • Kole Kuenstler, How zoos and sanctuaries can better address the needs of carnivores

  • Katie Leu, Shootings, Mental Health Stigma, and Preventative Measures

  • Gabe Massingill, Increasing Racial Diversity in Churches: Methods and Effectiveness

  • Emily McLaughlin, Social Media Marketing's effect on rise of e-cigarettes

  • Victoria Pipinich, Why play sports?

  • Aron Qiu, Effects of architecture on depression among Chinese citizens

  • Ava Rodriguez, Encouraging Millennial Investment/Encouraging Wealth Management in Young Investors

  • Matthew Rosenberger, The Viability of Medical Drones

  • Conrad Schuster, Genome Editing: A New Hope, or A New Crisis

  • John Spinks, Ethical Decision Making in High School Students and the Outside Effects that Alter Them

  • Addie Thompson, How zoning policies affect affordable housing

  • Anna Claire Wilson, Evolution of Gender Bias in Sports through Social Media

Senior Capstone Project

The Senior Capstone students were engaged in three design challenges during the year. During the first design challenge, the students were tasked with the design of a potential outdoor extension to the Exploratorium area in the Lower School and designed in teams based on interviews, research, and feedback. The students then were asked to design for a local barber shop where they presented the owner with solutions based on the process they learned during the first challenge. Their third design challenge used the skills they learned during the first two challenges with each student partnering with a community organization and offering solutions based on the Design Thinking process. Below, please click the link to find their posters and a podcast created to share their design journey. Join us in celebrating their collaborations as innovators.

View the Class of 2020 Capstone Projects!

  • Mitchell Bothwell, Start Them Young: The Environment & Elementary Education

  • Adam Carroll, Gaming During Treatment

  • Savanna Chada, Improving Gender Discrepancies in Professional Development

  • Katherine DeBerry, Political Polarization and Elizabeth for Texas

  • Jack Delk, Community for Cure

  • Olivia Dillon, Welcome to...Sexual Education

  • Nandi Dube, Reentry for Formerly Incarcerated Women

  • Brooklynn Floyd, Emotional Awareness in Young Adolescents

  • Sadie Gaul, Increasing Sexual Violence Awareness and Changing Social Attitudes at All Saints'

  • Mary Caroline Hatcher, Empowering Girls Through Education

  • Maddie Hiley, Mental Health Education for Low Income Areas

  • Aliya Lackan, Environmental Education for Young Children

  • Jade McMillan, LGBTQ+ Inclusive Curriculum at All Saints'

  • Aiden Mendolia, Turn Two for Youth: Sending Baseball Equipment to the Dominican Republic

  • Sofia Mosier, Using Yoga to Connect and Directly Assist those with Eating Disorders

  • Chase Parrish, School Break Meal Kits

  • Sam Parrish, Engineering Prosthetics and Prosthetists

  • Jennifer Richwine, After School Sports for All Abilities

  • Hayden Siratt, Increasing Global Citizenship in Our Community

  • Anna Claire Siratt, Pediatric OCD Within All Saints'

  • Aidan Steuart, Gaming During Treatment

  • Sarah Tyree, Educating My Community on Adoption

  • Khauri Williams, Increasing Parent Engagement in Low Income Communities
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