Re-Entry Planning 2020-21

In the process of re-entry planning, we are utilizing a collection of curated resources gathered over the course of the spring, drawn from higher education, medical and economic models, as well as formal and informal parent feedback. We are framing all discussions around the following guiding principles:

  • Delivering high-quality academic and social-emotional content congruent with our mission
  • Prioritizing the well-being of our students, particularly through relationships with faculty, coaches and advisors
  • Fortifying our faculty through clear expectations and professional development
  • Creating a culture of consistency and support for families

Local and National Guidance

Task Forces

All Saints' has 30+ professionals from our community involved in six task forces. The collective goal is to develop a series of plans to best facilitate active and meaningful teaching and learning, as well as community building amidst current and potential disruption.


Although we expect that classroom learning will happen in person this fall, we know there will be students who need a blended model for a variety of reasons. Health experts tell us that a resurgence of COVID-19 is also possible. We are exploring how we would deliver uninterrupted content regardless of external variables.

The government and public health authorities will continue to provide both suggestions and mandates that may change our best planning at any point. Each scenario has the safety of our families and employees as the priority. 

Campus Protocols

In accordance with public health and education industry guidelines, protocols are already in place in the following areas:

Re-Entry FAQ

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Will we receive a dining refund for the days my student is not on campus?

    We will implement a refund policy for students who will not have access to dining services on predetermined days (MS/US students in the Hybrid Model, and any student who opted into Virtual Learning). Refunds will be based on an approximate price of $6.00 per day for dining services, and determined at the conclusion of the first semester, which allows administration to determine the duration of the Hybrid and Virtual Learning models employed per student. Each refund will first be credited to any outstanding balance, and subsequently paid by check. 

    The Business Office will not be tracking or issuing refunds for periods when a student is in quarantine/isolation.
  • Are there restrictions on travel or quarantine before returning to campus?

    We ask that families notify their Division Head about utilizing the virtual option if they have traveled/will travel within the two weeks leading up to a return to campus and socialized in a group of 10+ people outside of your household for more than 15 minutes. Examples include attendance at resident camps or vacations with multiple families. This is a preventative measure to put the odds in our favor for a healthy and successful start of school.
  • Will physical distancing and mask wearing have a negative effect on my child?

    Having students safely on campus is our top priority to ensure students' social and emotional needs are met. The current guidelines allow most students to remove masks when they are seated at their desks and physically distant. Outside and fresh air greatly reduce COVID transmission, so teachers are encouraged to take their classes outside any time it is feasible provided they remain distanced. EC and LS have scheduled recesses and PE as well for students to play safely.
  • Is it practical to expect a six-year-old to properly wear a mask all day?

    The general public, young and old, have struggled with properly wearing masks. We know children have a remarkable capacity for learning and adapting, especially when reinforced with repetition and positive role modeling. They won't be perfect all of the time but every chance we get to decrease risk and positively impact the health of our All Saints' community is important.
  • Are classmates required to maintain social distance from each other, while in the classroom?

    Yes, classmates are required to maintain social distance in the classroom as much as possible. When it is not possible or if they are working in small groups, everyone should wear their masks and limit this time to ten minutes.
  • Will masks provide adequate protection given the Cohort Model in EC and LS, where students and teachers have long and constant exposure to each other anyway?

    EC students will be required to wear masks entering and exiting the buildings and during co-curriculars. They will be allowed to take their masks off while in their homerooms. Faculty will use face coverings. 

    LS students will be required to wear masks at all times except during breaks when they can be adequately distanced from others. The TCHD strongly advises that masks provide a large degree of protection while everyone is masked. At this time, the TCHD recommends entire classrooms/cohorts be quarantined if there is an exposure in their room, whether or not they wore masks.
  • Will the Virtual Learning curriculum be equitable to on-campus learning? 

    Yes. Although research supports in-person learning whenever possible, Virtual Learning will mirror the on-campus environment much more than it did in the spring. Virtual students will be expected to log into their classroom daily at specified times, listen to lessons in real time, participate in small groups or one-on-one time with the teacher, and complete independent work as they would in an on-campus environment.
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