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Upper School students graduate prepared for college and a lifetime of independent learning through exposure to challenging and traditional coursework, discussion of diverse ideas and development of essential skills like writing, research, analysis and presentation. As students collaborate and innovate in the exploration of their intellectual passions, they find themselves well-equipped to effectively take on college coursework and post-collegiate opportunities.

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  • Allowing students to 'fail forward'

    Joey Menendez
    Becoming a parent does something to you. You realize life is now more than just what your plans are for the weekend. Now, life centers around our children, and in particular, how to raise them in this ever-changing society. We are living in an era that is more connected, with more perceived demands on our time, and with more uncertainty than in years past.
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  • Imagination and courage: The process of becoming innovative

    Joey Menendez
    Innovation. A word that is seen everywhere these days. It is hard to turn on a television, flip through a magazine, or search the internet without being inundated with products, articles, and books on the importance of being innovative. Our definition of innovation has come to be synonymous with new ideas or products that come with all the bells and whistles and may look like inventions because we have never seen them in the market before. In fact, innovation is the application of better solutions or methods to meet new requirements or needs of society. 
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