Middle School Journey

The Middle School builds on the foundations learned in Lower School by strengthening organizational skills, time management skills and study habits within a challenging curriculum, preparing them well for Upper School. 

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  • 21st Century Parenting

    The world is moving at a rate not experienced before and parents are presented with new and daunting obstacles as they look to guide and support their children. Given this, how do we, as parents, also balance the need to protect our beloved children and the need to prepare them for life’s challenges? Is this new a phenomenon or has parenting been a verb for generations?  
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  • A Paradigm Shift for Middle School Students

    Mike Gonzalez
    Are you an active learner? Are you a passive learner? Who is the most important person in the educational process? Are you setting both personal and academic goals? These are a few of the many questions being asked of the 7th and 8th grade students by their Middle School Advisors in weekly meetings designed to prepare for our new “norm” of parent-teacher communication, student-led conferences. These conferences will engage the students in new ways and will lead to them being more responsible and accountable for their own educational journey.
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