Established in 1997 by the Lee and Ramona Bass Foundation, The All Saints' Curriculum Foundation is celebrated for honoring classical tenets through the development of distinctive programs within our History and Classics departments, as well as fostering a community-wide appreciation for our School's intellectual heritage.  The Foundation’s purpose is to support the School in the development of an interdisciplinary teaching approach to the political, artistic, literary, and philosophical achievements of Western Civilization. 

Programs and curricula made possible by The All Saints' Curriculum Foundation include: Great Lives Biography Series, Latin Program, Classics Department & Honors Classics Diploma, Interdisciplinary Studies, National Speaker Series, Living History Museum, and The Untold Stories of the Ancient World play, among others. 

"The Living History Museum experience is a 5th grade interdisciplinary project that incorporates research, writing, public speaking and creativity."
- Debra Koppelberger, LS Division Head

The Bass Endowment: A Shared Vision and Enduring Values
Lee and Ramona Bass share All Saints’ belief in the basic ideas and disciplines that make for an exceptional education.  We stand in full agreement as to the purposes of this endowment and its proper use for our program. 
Over time, many schools lose their commitment to the original aims and spirit of the enterprise, falling victim to shifting winds.  The ideals of their founding can be read in old documents and heard at Commencement ceremonies, but not witnessed in the day-to-day life of the school.  Such schools become preoccupied with secondary things, as if success depended on new buildings or expanding budgets and bureaucracies, losing sight of those original principles that truly make a student educated and a school great.  At All Saints’ we strive to keep those classic ideas and traditions alive in our classrooms.  The purpose of the Bass endowment, and our acceptance of it, is to put those traditions into practice in our curriculum and to enrich the life of each and every student.
“I hope that we never lose sight of the amazing contributions of the West, the Western tradition, the Western world…If you want to talk about which culture has created the most open, the most free, and the most democratic society for everybody, it’s the West; I am afraid that many schools are losing sight of that.” 
- Ramona Bass  
The founding tenets of our curricular goals, supported by the Foundation, remain solidly in place today:
  • A classical, traditional curriculum with emphasis on objective knowledge of history, science, language, literature and the arts - the foundation of an outstanding liberal arts education.
  • A curriculum that offers students a firm grounding in their own cultural heritage, that gives each student a grasp and appreciation of Western Civilization - the fascinating and often tumultuous litany of European history that has resulted in America's free, democratic society.
  • An integrated curriculum that presents each subject, whether it be art or history or science, not as an isolated field of knowledge but as part of the broader picture of human experience and life itself - a pioneering thought in innovative learning, encouraging the contextual coordination of subjects such as art, literature and history to provide a richer educational tapestry for our students.
  • A curriculum that aims, not merely to stock a young mind with information, but to train the mind to use its own powers; that gives our students the habit of self-discipline and self-education - respect for self, respect for others and a desire to do one's best, always.
  • A morally informed curriculum guided by our Christian faith and by clear moral standards which prepares our students for the choices and responsibilities that face them in a free society - a value-centric education that is intentionally grounded in instilling civility, citizenship and character in each student.

These are the touchstones of the Bass endowment, of our curriculum, and of All Saints' Episcopal School.  The success of All Saints', and our fulfilment of the trust conferred with the Bass endowment, will always be measured by fidelity to these unchanging principles.

We believe the Curriculum Foundation has propelled All Saints' to a position as a nationwide leader in excellent integrative education; to build something important and lasting for our community; and to truly enrich the lives of our students. We are forever grateful to the Lee and Ramona Bass Foundation for their gracious gift that has helped shape All Saints' over the past 20 years and inspired our School to reach even higher.

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