Thank you for your interest in joining the faculty and staff community of All Saints’ Episcopal School. The School, located in west Fort Worth, is a co-educational Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade college-preparatory day school serving approximately 1,050 students. The All Saints’ employee community is committed to the School’s mission. If you are a dedicated professional who can provide a superior educational experience for our students, we welcome the opportunity to discuss employment opportunities with you.

Employment Opportunities

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  • Registrar

    All Saints’ Episcopal School is a leading college-preparatory day school offering programs of national distinction in the academic, fine art, athletic and spiritual disciplines. Our School serves students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth with a total enrollment of approximately 1050 students.

    Overarching Objectives:
    • Ensure proper management of students’ academic records in school’s Learning Management System EC-12
    • Lead the MS and US in course registration and scheduling
    • Work with Division Heads and College and Academic Advisor to support academic advising for students
    • Communicate with faculty, students, and parents with regard to failures and remediation procedures
    Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Maintain electronic and paper files on all students. Maintain an accurate electronic database of family and faculty staff address information. Provide lists of various kinds, and email distribution lists to faculty and staff on request all year long through the Wire.
    • Maintain all graduation requirements data including grades and activity requirements.
    • Work with Admissions and Division Heads to ensure new students, including mid-year applicants, have the potential to meet our graduation requirements, and are an appropriate academic match for our program.
    • Work closely with College Advising to ensure students meet or exceed our requirements to graduate.
    • Guide advisors through the course registration process.
    • Work closely with new families advising them on their course selection after enrollment.
    • Work with Division Heads to assist in projecting next year grade level enrollment of currently enrolled students, # of sections of core classes required at each grade level, and anticipate faculty headcount to meet those needs.
    • Identify where additional hires may be needed for next year by December/January to maximize hiring season and to support operating budget process.
    • Plan the elective courses that can be offered, as faculty load allows, within each department.
    • Oversee creation of grade level course request materials – giving the list of courses to be offered to each grade level, and the courses that individual students have been recommended for within each department.
    • Coordinate Course Registration for grades 7-12. Upon completion of course requests, go through data to make sure courses are imported correctly for each student.
    • Coordinate appeals process for students to request reconsideration of their appeals.
    • Keep track of numbers of students in sections to avoid over scheduling in the planned number of sections during the appeals process.
    • Communicate schedule information to new students.
    • Work closely with Division Heads to compile the master schedule, using courses planned and requests received.
    • Review each student schedule, adjust elective options, communicate to families in July.
    • Coordinate course drop/add period in August for Upper School students.
    • Create the electronic framework for the new school year – class schedules, rooms, sections, grade books, advisory assignments, etc.
    • Work closely with communications department, nurse, and admissions to ensure data is accurate and complete.
    • Oversee marking period grade reports.
    • Ensure all grades are entered, reviewed, and report cards published and archived each marking period.
    • Create academic notice and probation list of students for Division Heads and Advisors.
    • Send out notice and probation letters to students.
    • Send, maintain and collect transcripts for incoming, current, alumnus and withdrawn students.
    • Maintain the student paper files in transcript closet.
    • Import and export of data in Naviance for students, including transcripts, transfer transcripts, GPA’s etc.
    • Send official records for withdrawn students once approved by Business Office.
    • Finalize all grade reporting for the year, transcripts, valedictorian/salutatorian honors, failure reporting, summer study proposals.
    • Remove graduate paper files and archive.
    • Remove withdrawn student files, copy for new schools, and archive.
    • Request and file new student files.
    • Perform other duties as assigned by and in support of the division heads
    This position has an immediate start date, classified as non-exempt and will report to the Division Head(s).

    Interested candidates should send a letter of interest and resume to:
    Mr. Joey Menendez
    Head of Upper School

    All Saints’ Episcopal School of Fort Worth administers its personnel, academic, extracurricular and tuition assistance programs without regard to gender, race, religion, ethnicity or national origin.
Medical Insurance
School pays 95% of employee premium
Retirement Pension Plan with TIAA
After one year of employment the School contributes 5% of the employee's monthly salary; after year two of employment the School contributes up to an additional 5% match
Flexible Spending Account (Section 125 Plan)
Participation in this plan decreases employee taxable income; includes dependent care and unreimbursed medical and dental expenses
Paid Time Off
Sick, Vacation time for Staff, Personal Time for Faculty, School Holidays
Professional Development & Continuing Education Reimbursement
Faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in professional development and the School may financially support (partially) approved courses of study, workshops and conferences
Additional Benefits
Life Insurance, ST & LT Disability Insurance
Voluntary Life Insurance for family
Dental, Vision, Teladoc
Campus athletic facilities workout equipment
All Saints’ School of Fort Worth administers its personnel, academic, extracurricular and tuition assistance programs without regard to gender, race, religion, ethnicity or national origin.

All Saints’ Episcopal School is a leading college preparatory day school in Fort Worth, Texas. Grounded in the Episcopal school tradition, All Saints’ offers programming of national distinction in the academic, fine art, athletic and spiritual disciplines, which brings to life our philosophy of promoting each student’s individual genius within.
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