Leadership in Lower School

Debra Koppelberger
Student Council, 6th grade and Kindergarten buddies, 2nd grade and Pre-K reading buddies, and grade level community service projects are just a few ways we practice leadership skills in Lower School. True leadership is demonstrated day in and day out through the choices our students make. This morning I presented a Character Award to 3rd grader Jonathan Washington for the leadership he demonstrates daily through hard work and dedication to doing the right thing. Peers and teachers alike see this type of quiet leadership as an example of being a Saint; actions speak louder than words.  

Intermediate grades are intentionally part of the Lower School in part to develop student leadership skills, and to provide organic opportunities for leadership in daily school life. Our School counselor, Laura Dickinson, works with our 6th grade boys regularly to develop their leadership skills as young men of faith. Part of the practice has been to challenge the boys to look to their long-term future and set goals beyond Lower School.

As we dive into the final quarter of the 2017-2018 school year, we continue to revisit the Hopes and Dreams we set for our classes and ourselves at the beginning of the school year. Whether it is a 5th grader preparing for the Living History Museum in May, or a Kindergartener practicing for the Cinderella Ball in April, leadership is part of our daily practice in Lower School.  
I welcome Character Award nominations from all members of our community. The Awards are a wonderful way to recognize students who are committed to doing the right thing and leading through example. Where do you see leadership in action in Lower School?
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