Honoring Our Baptismal Covenant

Mike Gonzalez
Celebrant:       Will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being?
People:            I will, with God’s help.
The final promise of the Episcopal Baptismal Covenant propels us into the world to celebrate and serve. I am fond of how the Episcopal Church frames this sacrament because it at once seals the individual’s relationship with God and galvanizes the community’s mission to serve God in all people. 
And few places show the wacky, wonderful diversity of all people quite like a middle school. Some students look like Olympic athletes, others like they would blow away in a stiff breeze. Some move like professional dancers, others – victims of their growing bodies – trip over their own feet. And those are just the outside differences. Intellects and interests, temperaments and tendencies, families and philosophies are as different as can be.
Amidst such marvelous diversity, how do we in All Saints’ Middle School “respect the dignity of every human being?” It starts with understanding the charge. Chapel talks and religion classes emphasize the responsibility and opportunity God gives us to connect to and serve others, especially those different from ourselves. It continues with understanding ourselves. Advisory groups provide students the opportunity to understand what is happening in the community, and to reflect on what is happening within themselves. Student Led Conferences put individuals at the center of celebrating and planning their own learning as they search for their genius within. It culminates with connecting to others. Project Empathy and service outings allow us to meet and know and celebrate people beyond our local campus community. 
As we live into our Baptismal Covenant and strive for “justice and peace among all people,” I am encouraged by the commonality of the cause: Whatever our color, creed or condition, we all long for respect, dignity and understanding. Around the world and across the ages good people have always tried to span differences and connect well one to another. In the Middle School we try to bring these longings to life in the spirit of the slogan on my favorite jersey: “For a religion born in a barn, an open door policy should go without saying!” 
So welcome to The Kingdom of Fun! Come on in! We can hardly wait to know you, and alongside you, make things a little better for your kids, and just maybe, for the whole world.
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