Grace, Grit and Growth

Debra Koppelberger
As we support our students’ academic growth, the balance of supporting their character growth is an equally important goal.  As a school community, we are both blessed and thankful to have an amazing school counselor who is available to work with students from every division. Laura Dickinson is using Grace & Grit Boxes to work with 6th grade girls this year.
Grace & Grit is a local company that teaches girls essential life skills and confidence through customized monthly boxes filled with challenges, lessons, and gifts. All Saints’ is the first school to use this program as counseling guidance lessons to reach an entire grade level of girls. 
The monthly themed boxes focus on an important historical female hero and one of the following traits: confidence, tenacity, perseverance, courage, wisdom, and curiosity. 

Wilma Rudolph is the hero that personifies perseverance. “Wilma Rudolph went from not being able to walk to becoming an Olympic gold medalist. Is there any better role model for a girl wanting to overcome limitations? The lessons and track bag in this box will remind your girl that her dreams can come true if she is willing to work for them.” (
Heather Stark is the founder of Grace & Grit and its sister company, Gracefully Strong.  We are excited to have established this partnership for the benefit of our students.
Mrs. Dickinson is also working with 6th grade boys this year.  The focus of their time will be spent on developing authentic leadership skills, how to have an impact on those around you, and how to lead through example.
Together we strive to teach our students balance and grit, and together we work on modeling these traits as adults in our day-to-day life.
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