Nick Martin, Iconic Saint, Passes Away

Nick Martin, a prominent and generous Fort Worth businessman and philanthropist, passed away on New Year’s Day.

A message from Dr. Tad Bird, Head of School:
Nick was an all-time great and one of my favorite human beings: Irascible, yet fun-loving; rough-hewn, yet soft-hearted; incredibly smart and remarkably giving. Our regular meetings were filled with creative, comforting and colorful dialogue. Nick was quite a raconteur with a wickedly dry sense of humor. I was fortunate to call him friend.
Nick’s legendary business acumen is rivaled by his and his wife Louella’s support for many noteworthy organizations, including All Saints’ Episcopal School. Many prominent buildings around Fort Worth bear their name and All Saints’ is honored to have two such areas—the Nicholas and Louella Gymnasium and Martin Commons in the Upper School. Spirited games, poignant gatherings, heartfelt prayers and countless community-building activities have been hosted in these spaces.
More importantly for us was Nick’s passion for supporting underserved children, as is evident through his dedication to partner the Boys & Girls Club with All Saints’ Episcopal School. His desire was to ensure highly capable, motivated students with financial need had the opportunity to be challenged and matriculate to excellent colleges and universities and, in turn, be positioned to make a positive difference in their respective communities. These students, 30 to date, have graduated from such institutions as Dartmouth, Rice, Trinity and TCU to name a few and have gone on to serve the world in diverse and meaningful ways.
In 1998, Nick and Lou were awarded the Saints Award, the most honored recognition in our community. Still, there is no adequate way to describe the full impact he has had on our School community.
Nick’s benevolence extended throughout his family. Cindy Adams, Nick's daughter, served prominently on our Board of Trustees and her daughters/Nick’s granddaughters – Kelly Adams Katz ’95 and Melissa Adams ’98 – are proud alumni of All Saints’ alongside Nick's grandson, Baker Parker ’13.
More often than not when I went to his office to meet him before heading out to break bread, I was first greeted by Sassy, his beloved Golden Retriever. I have no doubt she is with him, engaged in a lively dialogue with St. Peter. I can see the gatekeeper smiling and shaking his head, “Yes, Mr. Martin, Sassy may come in, as well.” God broke the mold when he made Nick Martin. I will miss his larger-than-life personality, his ever-engaging wit and his generous spirit.
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