Re-Entry Conclusion: Quarter 1

After extensive review of all available resources and discussion with our trusted expert advisors of healthcare and legal professionals, All Saints' has decided to offer both on-campus and virtual options upon re-opening August 26. Creating a safe environment for our teachers and students to continue individualized instruction complete with social and emotional learning, has been our primary goal throughout this pandemic. The current re-entry structure is for Quarter 1, through October 9, and will be re-assessed for Quarter 2.

Of course, there are no guarantees, and there are inherent risks with coming to school on any given day. However, we put the odds in favor of a successful re-entry by practicing our Re-Entry Plan on a controlled basis this summer during camps and readiness classes. A safe re-entry must also be a sustainable one.
Therefore, Early Childhood and Lower School will open using the Cohort model (Re-Entry Plan, Scenario 1), and Middle and Upper Schools will open using the Hybrid model (Re-Entry Plan, Scenario 2). For any reason, a family may instead opt-in to the Virtual model (Re-Entry Plan, Scenario 3); the Virtual model is also available should a student need to be quarantined. 

Sustainability also requires a trusted partnership between the School and our families. Our healthcare experts agree that while the All Saints’ Re-Entry Plan is responsible and reasonable to manage inside the school, its success will ultimately be dependent on how our community practices safe protocols outside of school. To that end, we will ask each of our families returning to campus to sign a Culture of Care and Acknowledgment of Risk Agreement prior to re-entry.   
Thank you for your continued trust as we pave our own path through this unusual time. Certainly, should there be a dramatic change in the COVID landscape within our local community, we will review our position leading up to the start of school. 
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