Middle School

Distinctive Features

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  • Block Schedule

    Four classes per day, class length is 1 hour and 15 minutes
    Students take 5 core classes, 1 religion class (semester only), 1 technology class (semester only), and two or three fine arts.
  • Chapel Services

    Middle School students attend daily prayer services four times each week and a Eucharist service every Thursday.
  • Chromebook Program

    Our students participate in digital citizenship and online learning through the use of Dell Chromebooks. Students have fingertip access to electronic textbooks, virtual global experiences, customized English-Language Arts and Math curriculums, and more. This 1:1 program allows for students to engage in collaborative, research, and project-based learning across the curriculum. Teachers utilize student devices to provide authentic learning opportunities.    
  • Clubs

    • Quiz Bowl - Middle School Students have the opportunity to compete in a national quiz bowl competition. Practices take place once or twice a week during school, and tournaments are held on various Saturdays throughout the year. Performance in tournaments will determine if the team(s) will qualify for the National Tournament held in May.
    • Robotics Lab - 8th grade students have the option to take the Robotics elective. In the course, students not only build their robot to certain specifications but also learn how to program it to do several tasks, ranging from simple movements to cargo transportation.
  • Leadership

    • House System – When students are divided out into their advisories, they are also sorted into one of four Houses: Draco, Maahes, Phoenix, or Talon. Houses compete throughout the year to earn points, with the winning House getting a day off from school to go on a fun trip off-campus at the end of the year.
    • Student Council - Students elect leaders not only for the Middle School as a whole but also to serve as leaders of committees based our four cornerstones: Scholar, Servant, Artist, and Athlete. Anyone is eligible to participate as a member of the various Cornerstone Committees. Additionally, each house elects a President and Vice President to serve on Student Council.
    • National Junior Honors Society
  • Project Empathy

    Project Empathy is a community service project that focuses on different service led initiatives that support the greater Fort Worth community. Project Empathy is designed to help students better empathize with concerns in homelessness, hunger, and clothing issues that many face within Fort Worth.   Such activities include, but are not limited to, food drives, coat/blanket drives, community clean-up sessions, etc. Project Empathy begins in the Fall and concludes at Easter.

    The RANGE is an 16-acre natural area on campus that includes a wetland, native grassland, garden and orchard, students learn in an outdoor classroom. This natural setting provides service opportunities, conservation awareness and enhancement of scientific instruction and writing experiences.
  • Roundtable

    In the Middle School, every student is invited to join all of his or her teachers for a “roundtable” discussion once or twice each year. In these meetings, faculty members share with students their observations about their positive qualities, specific areas in which they may improve, and goal-setting strategies. Students come away from the experience with the assurance that not only do their teachers know them as individuals, but that they truly care about their success.
  • Self-Reflective Advisory

    The goal of the Middle School advisory program is three-fold: to equip students with the critical character qualities they need to be successful, to provide the opportunity for students to develop a trusting relationship with faculty members, and to foster an environment of mutual respect in the Middle School. Weekly advisory topics include but are not limited to character development, understanding learning styles, and resiliency. Students meet once a week in small advisory groups for discussion of these themes.
  • Special Events

    The Middle School starts the year with a Protect the Family (PTF) Retreat, where the focus is on team building, character development, and allows for the students and faculty to work together before the start of the school year.  Throughout the year, Student Council sponsors two dances, a powder puff football game and an occasional movie night held on campus. Students can also participate in a chili-cook off in coordination with Western Day in January. 
  • STEAM Lab

    All Saints’ boasts a STEAM Lab in the Sellers & Campbell Union that is primarily used by students in the Middle School. The innovative space boasts a 4K ultra high-resolution BenQ interactive flat panel, retractable ceiling electrical cords, full wall dry erase board, and robotics and rockets equipment.
  • Student-Led Conferences

    Students facilitate their conference with advisory teacher and parent(s). Students showcase their academic and social/emotional growth through the lens of different learning modalities and personality assessments. Student Led Conferences occur in both the Fall and Spring semester.
  • Travel Opportunities

    Eighth Grade students travel to Boston and participate in learning experiences that focus on engineering, science, and technology. Students visit Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explore the ecosystem of New England, conduct experimental learning through robotics, and collaborate with industry experts within the STEM community.
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