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Case Reports

All Saints' will no longer report COVID numbers. As COVID has become more prevalent, reporting has become less accurate; however, we have consistently seen our numbers mirror those of Tarrant County, which can still be used as a frame of reference. Internally, we will continue to track faculty cases as it impacts staffing. We will also continue to notify parents of classroom-level exposures (as we do for other infectious illnesses) in Early Childhood and Lower School, if they are reported directly to us. 

The most frequently asked question from parents is not about number of cases but rather about a return-to-school date. Therefore, we are actively working on developing a user-friendly tool for our website to calculate a return-to-school date based on your student's symptoms. Thank you for your patience.

COVID Testing

Our campus is no longer offering COVID tests. 


For questions related to campus policies and procedures around COVID-19, please contact:

Julie Enlow, RN, BSN, Director of Health Services


COVID Policy Graphic Revised