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Extraordinary Impact.

The Night for Navy Gala raised more than $300,000 to benefit innovative and collaborative spaces in each Division!

By the Numbers

  • 800 event attendees
  • 14 Steering Committee members
  • 76 Host Committee members
  • 73 sponsors
  • 55 event volunteers
  • 1,217 bids on silent auction items

What does the gala benefit?

Gala dollars will impact and elevate programs and spaces in each Division! Read more below.

Early Childhood

Expand the Early Childhood Garden by enhancing opportunities for outdoor explorations by expanding shaded areas (image above shows an example) that include benches and picnic table style seating along with a large easel for teaching lessons. This transformative gift will include beautification of the area with additional irrigation, garden boxes and crushed gravel around the water trough for better drainage. 

Lower School

Transform the Hill Commons by creating an engaging and inviting space for Lower School to create, gather, and showcase learning. Updating the Commons with student-centered mobile furniture will maximize student engagement and instructional impact. The redesign supports the entire Division as all grades utilize the space in multiple ways throughout the school year.

Middle School

Pilot a more innovative and flexible classroom model with multi-level desks and chairs that can be easily reconfigured based on teacher, teaching style, a specific lesson or activity.  

Upper School

Dedicate space in the Richardson Library to the Academic Resource Center with easily-moveable tables and chairs. 

Not pictured, the RANGE Pavilion will be transformed into an Upper School Design Lab to house the culmination of our STEAM program.

Thank you to our dedicated 2024 leadership and volunteers!


MaryAnn and Matt Dufrene
Jenny and Patrick Keehan

Steering Committee

Paula and Bob Brockway
Emily and DJ Lee 
Heather and Sean McLelland
Judy and Colby Siratt
Meg and Corey Waldrop
Meridith and Brad Wallace 
Kate and Brice Wells
Kacey and Aaron Whisenhunt

Host Committees