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Middle School Curriculum

Block schedule, basic requirements

Sixth Grade Art

This semester-long course focuses on the basic elements and principles of art while incorporating art history, appreciation, and self expression.

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Beginning Band

Students in this course will learn the basics of an instrument, how to read music, and play various musical styles with your fellow students.

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Eighth Grade Science

Focusing on topics related to Earth and Space, students explore the interconnections between land, ocean, atmosphere and outer space.

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Latin 7

An introductory Latin course for seventh graders, students build fundamental language arts skills with English as they begin their study of the ancient language.

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Latin 8

Eighth graders in Latin 8 build depth with their grammatical knowledge in both English and Latin.

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Geometry introduces the study of points, segments, triangles, polygons, circles and their associated relationships as a mathematical system.

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Sixth Grade English

While reading comprehension skills are a priority, students also begin to develop their analytical skills through the practice of close reading and annotation.

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Seventh Grade English

This course focuses on developing critical thinking and writing skills, using as literary inspiration Greek mythology, the Iliad and Odyssey, as well as novels and poetry.

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Age-appropriate development of both gross motor skills, teamwork and sport-specific skill instruction.

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Sixth Grade Study Skills

As students continue to hone in on their study skills and their learning style, students will learn additional techniques and incorporate them into their work through this class.

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Leadership focuses on leadership, peer relationships, problem-solving, goal setting and public speaking.

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