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Lower School Curriculum

Kindergarten Spanish

Students build a strong Spanish foundation in interpersonal communication skills of listening and speaking by learning basic vocabulary and proper pronunciation.

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Kindergarten Math

Kindergarteners will learn how to reason, solve problems, and create a strong number sense foundation through modeling and using manipulatives.

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First Grade Social Studies

First graders experience a well-balanced blend of history and citizenship education as they learn about traditions and early Texas events as well as how to become a participating member of society.

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First Grade Science

Focusing on patterns and life cycles, students examine a variety of topics ranging from the physical science of waves to the movement of stars, to hatching chicken eggs and growing bean seeds.

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First Grade Math

First graders learn several strategies to add and subtract basic numbers, explore place value to the hundreds, and are introduced to double-digit addition and subtraction.

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Second Grade Science

Students will build deeper scientific knowledge and make real-world scientific connections through the integration of hands-on inquiry, technology, collaborative learning, reading, and research.

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Second Grade Spanish

Students continue to practice and develop proficiency through simple storylines, as well as, expand their vocabulary acquired through the previous years.

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Third Grade Math

Students will become proficient in the following domains: operations and algebraic thinking, fractions, measurement and data, and geometry.

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Fourth Grade Math

Students develop operations and algebraic thinking by using the four operations with whole numbers and generalize place value understanding for multi-digit whole numbers.

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Fifth Grade Language Arts

Students are exposed to various genres of literature with a focus on comprehension, critical thinking, character analysis and understanding of literary devices.

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Fifth Grade Spanish

The introduction of new vocabulary and language structures deepen the students’ understanding of the Spanish language and their ability to communicate effectively at a higher level.

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Fifth Grade Science

Fifth graders will develop the ability to ask scientific questions and develop reasonable explanations to their hypotheses based on their observations.

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Age-appropriate development of both gross motor skills, teamwork and sport-specific skill instruction.

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Fifth Grade Math

Fifth Grade Math students at All Saints’ will experience a coherent, comprehensive, and connected mathematical foundation. 

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