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Early Childhood Curriculum

Three's Spanish

Three year olds build a solid foundation of the Spanish language by learning the basic vocabulary of the Spanish Circle Time.

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Bridge K Science

The Bridge Kindergarten science curriculum focuses on developing students' curiosity for exploring nature and cause and effect.

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Bridge K Math

Students work individually and in groups to engage in higher level math skills such as using ten frames, subitizing groups up to 10, adding and subtracting, and comparing and measuring using rulers, strings and other manipulatives.

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Early Childhood Technology

Through various curriculum apps such as Letterland Phonics and Building Blocks Math, students use tablets and videos to enhance their knowledge of letters, letter sounds, letter formations and mathematical competencies including numbers 0-20, sequencing, comparing, sorting, graphing, and two and three dimensional shapes.

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Early Childhood Social Studies

Exploring multiculturalism and inclusiveness, students learn about ethnicity and numerous cultures through books, music, interactive play with others, engaging in cooking projects with diverse foods, sharing family stories and photos.

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Bridge K Spanish

Students expand their vocabulary acquired through the previous years while learning the additional vocabulary topics of verbs/actions, clothing items  and parts of the body.

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Three's Science

Three-Year-Old Classes engage in hands-on science activities with the goal of laying the foundation of science concepts.

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Three's Language Arts

The phonics based curriculum, Letterland, is used in Early Childhood and promotes learning of letters and letter sounds through story-based characters.

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Pre-K Language Arts

Letterland, a phonics based curriculum, is used in Pre-K classrooms and encompasses phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, and handwriting. Students practice writing and recognizing lower and upper case letter, as well as letter sounds.

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Three's Math

Students develop foundational math skills through hands-on, multisensory, engaging and fun lessons and activities.

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