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Wellness is the successful balance of mind, body and spirit.

Significant focus has been given to developing Wellness programs that explore the balanced intersection of mind, body and spirit. Specific applications include: 

  • Daily Chapel service at every level
  • Stanford’s Challenge Success
  • Two full-time counselors and two full-time chaplains to support students and families with in-house services and external resources
  • Parent Wellness Seminars led by our counselors three to four times per year
  • Book Talks led by our Lower School Division Head twice a year
  • Community-Inclusive Dining in a state-of-the-art student Union
  • PTO’s generous funding of water hydration stations around campus
  • The first PK-12 school in the country to achieve Blue Zones ApprovedTM status
  • Early adopter school with Mastery Transcript Consortium
  • Mindfulness breaks throughout the day for reflection, play, special-interest clubs and/or getting outside

Wellness Team

Julie Enlow, RN, BSN, Director of Health Services
The Reverend Dr. Jill Walters, Early Childhood and Lower School Chaplain
Father Robert Odom, Middle School Chaplain
Father Tommy Matthews, Upper School Chaplain
Taylor Spiker, M.Ed., LPC, Lower School Counselor
Laura Dickinson '93, M.Ed., LPC, Middle/Upper School Counselor
Aldo Muñoz, MA, Middle/Upper School Counselor